Why Xilinx Has The Best FPGA Boards Available Today?

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FPGA technology has been invented by Xilinx, so three’s no wonder they still rule when it comes to offering consumers the ultimate computing experience. In addition, the company has developed three lines of boards, thus being able to cover a wide share of the market. They even have a low price range of FPGA boards with advanced features. This is yet another proof that affordable technology can be good.


Best Programmable Logic

Programmable logic is here to stay, and Xilinx are the pioneers in this field. Their researchers keep finding new ways to improve their boards, making it almost impossible for their competitors to keep pace with their developments.

More Functionality & Bandwidth

The Xilinx Spartan 3 platform was a real breakthrough, as it managed to deliver more functionality and bandwidth than anything else. This product has been such a good value for money, that it has been quickly adopted by IT hardware specialists worldwide.

These boards have started a revolution in the world of programmable logic. This is why Xilinx has been selected the provider of choice of important research institutes and scientific organizations. Even the CERN European laboratory has used these boards in their ALICE experiment.

One of the reasons why the FPGA boards manufactured by Xilinx are better than everything else today is their ability to minimize the total power consumption. This is possible thanks to a special technology which allows for very low static power consumption. Since these board are able to deliver outstanding performance at affordable prices, they have quickly become extremely popular. The Spartan 7 family, launched only a few years ago promises to break all records in terms of sales and revenue for the mother company. This is the winner attitude of IT companies that are able to foresee the future and to develop products for the generations to come.

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