What I Did When I Lost My Social Security Card Birth Certificate And ID?

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It’s a terrifying situation to be in and when I lost my social security card, birth certificate, and id all at the same time, I was quickly thrown into a tailspin of fear and aggravation. Thankfully, because I knew exactly what steps to take, I was able to avoid some of the bigger pitfalls of identity theft.

SS Card Replacement

First, Go On The Defense

Knowing that someone could have all of the information you steal my identity, the very first thing I did was to enroll in an identity theft protection program. There are several different ones to choose from, but I went with LifeLock personally.
If you find yourself in this situation, it is crucial to take this step as an identity theft prevention company will immediately go to work and notify you if anyone is trying to apply for credit in your name, or if there is any other unusual activity being attempted in your name.

Replacing My Identity

The next step in the process was to head down to the DMV and obtain a new drivers license. Thankfully, most states keep digital records of your photos on file, and all I needed to supply was a copy of a recent bill proving my address.

With a new photo id in hand, I was able to go to the county in which I was born and obtain a copy of my birth certificate. Finally, the last stop on the list was my local social security office for a replacement social security card.

How It All Played Out

Now, all of this did take a bit of time. About three weeks to be exact. Also, there were a few bumps along the way, but thanks to the protection I had through the identity protection company, I was able to avoid potential financial ruin.
While this nightmare could happen to anyone, having the knowledge to prevent long-term issues is key to getting your life back in order as fast as possible.

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