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Semiconductors are extensively used in electronic circuits. As the name implies, semiconductors are neither complete conductors or are they complete insulators. Semiconductors are devices, or electrical components, that utilize the electronic properties of semiconductor materials. Perhaps, the most important property of semiconductors is that by simply adding impurities to the device, it can either insulate or conduct. The action is dependent on the connection.

Electrons And Semiconductors

To understand the way semiconductors work, the first thing that you must understand the way electrons are organized within an atom. Electrons are organized in layers, and these layers are referred to as shells. The outer shell is known as the valence.

The electrons in the valence shell are the electrons that bond with other atoms. These bonds are known as covalent bonds. The majority of conductors only have one electron located in the valence shell. Semiconductors have four electrons located in their valence shells.

If the neighboring atoms have the same type of valence shells, it is possible for all of the valence shells to bind and arrange themselves into crystals. Semiconductors are made from these crystals, also known as silicon crystals.

Semiconductor devices serves as the base for amplification and switching. The most common semiconductors are silicon and geranium. However, silicon is the semiconductor that is preferred today. The addition of the impurities to semiconductor material is referred to as doping.

The Different Semiconductor Device Uses

Some of the most used semiconductor devices are:


These are the devices that have changed the way semiconductor devices are used in the electronic industry today. Transistors have replaced vacuum valves and vacuum tubes.

The devices can be used in a variety of applications because they are not expensive, they are compact and they are reliable. This means that they will be able to handle a range of voltage and current.

Perhaps, the most important reason to use transistors, thyristors or other semiconductor devices is that they have the ability to easily integrate into a complex, but a ready manufactured module. Diode modules, thyristor modules and IGBT modules are often used for replacement and OEM market parts.

In addition to fpga electronics, semiconductors also play a vital role in the operation of trains, ATMs, social infrastructure, the Internet and logistic systems to preserve energy and promote global preservation of the environment. In short, semiconductors are necessary in order to help us live in today’s society.