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If you have been looking to hire an Atlanta Georgia SEO expert, you know it is not an easy task. More than likely you have concentrated on doing some research on area experts and have come up with a short list that you have considered giving your business to. However, you realize that your Internet business is one of the most important aspects of your life and you want to ensure that the company you choose is going to be the best choice for you. Below you will find two questions that are absolutely essential in finding the right search engine optimization expert.

Ask Questions from SEO Experts

You might not feel right asking specific questions about your site when talking to an expert for the first time. Many people believe they are simply asking for free advice and the expert will not like. However, it is essential that you asked the expert about the technical structure, content, and on page and off page optimization. How they are able to answer the simple questions will do fine to you how diverse they are in the current state of search engine optimization techniques. You want somebody who is on the cutting edge of the search engine algorithms.

Search Engine Optimization Expert

Another important question that you must ask your search engine optimization expert is for examples of previous work they have done. There is no reason to ask them for references or recommendations, as most people will either give you their best references or fake ones. However, if you are able to see real results of keywords that rank in the search engines that is the best proof you can have. In addition you can find right seo services that want to find viable keywords such as computer repair, as opposed to longtail versions. This will show that they understand how the search engines work and that they are able to rank for competitive keywords. For more information visit seo professionals at – Atlanta