The Different Roofing Supplies Needed For Roofing Projects

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‘Roofing supplies’ covers a range of resources and materials required for roof maintenance and construction.  This includes not only shingles but also molding, lumber, pipes and vents, ladders, roofing cement, and even roofing nails.  To be effective on a roofing project, it is important that you know what supplies are required.  This article will provide information on the different roofing supplies need for roofing projects.

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1. Roofing Materials

The first type of roofing supply company to be discussed is the roofing material.  This is reviewed when looking at the roof proper and will examine the wood shingles, ceramic tiles, metal roofing sheets, asbestos shingles, rubber roofing sheets, rubber shingles, and many more materials.  Location is of prime concern when choosing material because the roof must be able to withstand the local elements.

2. Lumber

Lumber is another resource that is used in roofing construction and it is primarily the support for structure or the frame.  This typically consists of a lattice of beams or a triangular truss.  The lumber frame serves as a base that is laid over the top and is important for any new roof project.

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3. Pipes And Vents

The pipes and vents stick out from the roof and assist with the construction’s ventilation.  The bottom of these items are typically sealed with a metal strip which includes a plastic sealant or lead-based sealant.  The sealants have shields sealed with rubber so that no air or smoke can escape from the pipes or vents; as well as disallowing water from entering the pipes and vents.

4. Roofing Tools

The most important roofing tool used as part of roofing supplies is the ladder.  The ladder is used to climb up to the roof, as well as being used for maintenance tasks with installation and removal.  Other roofing tools can include items like a broom and a bucket to hold waste shingles. To know more visit