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Do you have chronic pain as a result of arthritis? This is pain that you will feel in your hands, and in your joints. This is inflammation, caused by old age, and it can make it very difficult to function throughout the day. Some people will take opiates that can reduce the feeling of the pain, but it will not address the inflammation itself. That will lead people to take products such as NSAIDs or other types of anti-inflammatories which are going to be helpful in reducing inflammation. If you would prefer using a pain patch over certain areas of your body where the arthritis is causing you the most discomfort, here are a few tips on finding the right pain patch for arthritis sufferers.

Pain Patches For Arthritis

Salonpas is one of the best pain patches for people that suffer with arthritis. It contains several different ingredients. This will include menthol, methyl salocylate and other ingredients. The purpose of this patch is to not only provide a reduction in inflammation, but to also provide pain relief. Unless you go to a doctor to get a prescription for an opioid that can relieve your pain, this is the best one that you can get without a prescription.

Other Alternatives For Arthritis Pain Patches

If you do want to go to the doctor to get more pain relief, you can get pain patches that have opioids. They will have an assortment of them, using different types of opiates that can provide this relief for back pain. Most people do not know that opioids are very different from one another, causing several different effects. Some of them can actually make you feel drowsy, whereas others will give you an incredible amount of energy, both of which will provide pain relief. Your doctor will be able to help you choose the right one for you if you would like to get pain patches that have opiates instead.