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You hope you never have to deal with something like identity theft, but as the world gets more complex in financial matters, with overlapping technologies all over the place, criminals are getting more and more sophisticated, and so things like this are on the rise. If you suspect that you are a victim, then learn 3 things to do after identity theft happens to you:

1) Don’t Panic:

Some folks wonder if an identity theft will stop happening just because they learned about it, and they have anxiety that they’re going to lose absolutely everything. They cash out bank accounts, sell off assets, and get every dollar they can off of credit cards and physically stash it somewhere in their home. This is an over-reaction, and can even cause more harm than good.

2) Call All Your Account Providers as Soon as You Can:

While it’s unfortunate the identity theft has been on the rise, one upside is that many commercial and financial account providers have developed robust systems for dealing with the issue after the fact. You can easily and quickly get accounts locked out to prevent further damage while they take corrective steps, helping you get back on your feet faster.

3) Sign Up For an Identity Monitoring and Recovery Service:

Hopefully, your identity theft is an isolated incident, and all they did was try and open up a new credit card under your name. With luck, you can quickly throw them under the bus and move one. However, it’s smart to track everything that goes on under your name in the coming years. Even if nothing fraudulent pops up, at least you’ll go to bed knowing that you’re watching like a hawk. You’ll also find ways to boost your credit score along the way.

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