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If you’re strapped for time and can’t get into a social security office yet need for replacing your social card, you can do so by mail. To do so you’ll need the following:

Your Photo Identification
Your Birth Certificate
Passport (if you have one)
The Form (readily found on their Internet site)

You will have to send in the original documents, copies and duplicates aren’t accepted by the social security administration.

They will return your original documents (unharmed) in a manilla envelope as soon as they have made their duplicates of the documents.

The form must be filled out completely and in entirety to ensure that you receive your replacement card.

It will take anywhere from two to four weeks to receive your new card in the mail. You’ll receive your original documents first and then your new social security card.

Always check your new card over carefully to ensure that your name is spelled correctly. If there are any errors notify them immediately and follow their instructions to get the situation rectified.

Your social security card is an important document. You’ll need to show it to employers and you’ll need it when you retire.

Keep your new card in a safe location and be sure that you memorize the number (It will be the same number as your previous card. If it’s a different number be sure to let them know immediately so that it can be rectified.

While it may be kind of scary to send them your original documents, it’s the only way to do this through the mail. You’ll want to have temporary copies with you until you receive your originals back in the mail.

You can find the required forms on their website and print them out from there. They will also give the address to send the forms to so that you can get your replacement card.