Lower Back Discomfort – Preventing Lifting Injuries

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Many people suffer from low back pain. One of the most common issues that cause low back pain is improper lifting. When you lift incorrectly, you place pressure on the muscles in the low back instead of using the muscles in your arms and legs. Additionally, many people have a weak core, which can increase low back pain and the risk of injury when lifting heavy objects. Let’s take a look at how you can prevent injury to your lower back.

Back Strength And Injury Prevention

When you go to pick up an object, stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and stand close to the object that needs to be picked up. Many people bend at the waist which causes the back and abdominal muscles to take most of the strain and weight. Instead, bend your knees and pull the object towards you before lifting. Then, slowly straighten your legs. This technique will help to transfer the weight from the object to your leg muscles.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Weight Objects

Another thing to remember is to avoid lifting objects that are too heavy for one person. If you have an object that needs to be moved but is too heavy, ask for help. Then, ensure that both you and your helper use the technique described above to help prevent a lower back injury or lower back discomfort.

Get Relieve From Back Pain

If you accidentally hurt your back when you are lifting an object, there are several things you can do to relieve your pain. First, take it easy, but do not stay in bed as this can cause the muscles to seize up and stiffen. In addition to this, alternate heat and ice packs to relieve muscle tension and decrease inflammation in the area. Finally, an over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory can help decrease inflammation and relieve your lower back discomfort.