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My husband recently got a job offer, but it’s in another town a few hours away. After much consideration, he decided that he wanted to take the job and I was fine with the move. We are currently looking at commercial real estate company Dayton Ohio to buy so we can get moved and he can accept the job. This job said they would give him 30 days before he starts so we will have enough time to relocate.

Dayton Ohio

I told my husband I wanted to look for a home to purchase and if we had to stay in a hotel until we were able to close on the home, that would be fine and he agreed. We have found a few homes while searching for Dayton Ohio Office real estate and we are interested in looking at them in person. He is going to have a free weekend next weekend and in a few days, we are going to contact a real estate agent to see if we can look at the homes we are interested in. We also want to find a few more homes and that’s why we are waiting a few days so we can look at them all hopefully in the one day we are able to visit.

Dayton Ohio

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I can’t wait to move to Dayton Ohio and see what it has in store for us. I know this job is much better than the other job my husband has. I am anxious to look at the homes we are interested in and hopefully get moved into one before he starts his job. I have started selling and getting rid of some things I don’t want to take on the move with us so it will be a much easier move too.