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When I first moved here five years ago and had change of address, I had to find the closest everything near me. I gave up my car to afford the beach condo. At first, I didn’t have to find the closest post office though because I had no need to go there. I was able to get mail at the office and leave my outgoing mail with them, too. And, when I needed stamps, I just went to the grocery store. There are other reasons to visit the post office, but I didn’t have to until something changed.

The office here at the resort isn’t set up to take in mail for all the units and then distribute it appropriately. So they stopped doing it, and I had to go get a PO Box. I really like having a PO Box because it is convenient based on my living situation. It keeps me out of the busy office, and I can handle my mail on my own.

Looking Up For A Post Office

I was definitely hoping the post office wasn’t far away though. It worked out perfectly because it is right over by the Boardwalk. It’s not far away at all. Of course, just because it is over by the Boardwalk doesn’t mean that this local can spend time over there on every trip to the post office. I will tell you more about how things worked out for me though.

I make quite the excursion out of going to the post office. First of all, even though it’s not too far away, it is the longest walk I usually have to take care of regularly. Therefore, I certainly get my exercise. Plus, I almost always stop and grab a bite to eat somewhere. I usually go for a burger, but I shake it up from time to time.

My mom likes to send me letters with money in them, too, so that’s always a blessing and one of the best parts of the trip. I also walk halfway to the post office along the boulevard. And, when I cross over to the adjacent street, I am still on the strip. In other words, it is a nice walk, as I pass by a huge mini golf spot with water and ducks and am amusement park. I have a great time on my trips to the post office nearest me, and so it really has become a nice weekend routine. To learn more about local post offices and facilities near you start searching online.