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When homeowners know that they need a new roof it is a time of strain and stress. Part of the problem is that it is financially a big obligation. In addition, it is also is fear provoking.

Whether you are trained and equipped to install and remove roofing on your own or going to hire a professional, there’s always a chance something can go wrong. Roofers can take some tough falls, and their knees take a beating as well. There is the unknown of whether the roof will be installed right.

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Control Costs

One way to improve outcomes is to control costs. Going with a Cincinnati roofing wholesale company means getting a great value on the right parts for your roofing project. They may offer up other building products, such as siding as well.

Know Exactly How Much You Need to Buy

Either way, it is important to know how to measure correctly to understand how much roofing material to buy. For the purposes of shingle roofing, measurements are vital. This leads to knowing how many squares of roofing to buy.

Take Width and Length for Every Roof Segment

For every segment of roofing, take down the width and the length of the roof. Simply multiply out the two to learn the square foot of the roof. Then to learn how much material, combine all of the square foot of all planes. That’s the square footage for the roof.

Now, you need to also know the rise and measurements of dormers on the roof. Slope is a big consideration of the decking on the roof. Simply take a measurement of the height, or vertical rise for the decking for one foot. It is measured as 5 in 12, if it is five inches tall over a 12 inch vertical rise.

Now to actually go into the Cincinnati roofing wholesale shop you will need the professional to go for you, and order in squares. You can save some money by measuring and ordering for them.

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