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In many types of businesses, whether it’s manufacturing, selling, or warehousing, much of the workday is fairly repetitive, most of the daily tasks are the same with very few big surprises. Contracting, on the other hand, can have a ton of surprises, and every house is a little different. A contractor is also many times on a ladder, roof, hanging from a rope, walking on rotten boards, and dealing with high powered tools. Roofing contractors are a perfect example, they carry heavy loads up ladders, use pneumatic nailers, walk on roofs high above the ground and deal with plenty of hazards all day long. That’s why in every part of the country, roofing contractors insurance is required to get and keep a license. It’s as much to protect the clients as it is the contractor, let’s examine what roofing contractors insurance in Cincinnati would cover for major roofing issues and why it’s so important.

There Are Many Different Coverage Inside The Comprehensive Policy

The most important part of the coverage will be what is called public liability that covers accidents and in roofing, it’s a given that there will be many small accidents daily, hopefully, none that require the use of insurance. Here would be an example, if the power nailer slides off the roof and damages a customers car, a person walking by on the sidewalk steps on a rusty nail from a tear-off, or an employee bumps against the chimney and it falls all the way to the ground.

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Those are just a few examples, and there are thousands more than common roofing problems happened every day, roofers have to be careful all day long to avoid problems. But, with the proper insurance, if they were to be sued, their insurance company would represent them in court and pay the settlement. Due to the high cost of medical bills, this coverage is usually in the millions of dollars of protection. The injured party could also be compensated for any financial loss they suffer because of the accident as well.

The roofer’s contractors insurance in Cincinnati would also cover the final product, in this case, the roof, if it were determined that it was improperly fastened and then blew off in a windstorm too. In fact, any product or service that is supplied by the contractor is legally covered if it causes damage or injury in the future. It would have to be proven defective in some way, but then the insurance company’s lawyers would be representing the contractor in court first.

In Addition To Liability, There Are Other Important Coverages

As an option, a roofing contractor can also cover their employees if they file a compensation claim because of an accident as well. This is different than the coverage that covers customers. Tools of the trade could also be covered for theft and damage so that the contractor wouldn’t be out of business after a flood, hurricane, or break-in. This is important because tools are very expensive and often targeted by thieves. There is also coverage that would insure the office portion of the business from all of the normal losses as well.

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If you’re in the market for cincinnati roofing contractors you should take the time to read the various policies to make sure everything is covered as required. Being in business means learning and understanding all aspects, including insurance, since it’s only a matter of time until the next loss comes your way.