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Social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn have revolutionized the way that medical professionals like dentists must market themselves if they want to promote their independent businesses. As more people of all ages begin to embrace social media, dentists have started to recognize that it is important for them to have a social media presence if they want to reach potential patients.

The Numbers

Dentists can no longer ignore the fact that Facebook is not only a powerful social media marketing tool, this tool is used by a staggering one billion active users globally. Nielsen reports that almost 85% of adults in the United States have an active account on at least one social media platform. The majority of these accounts are on Facebook, and Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other social media network.

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Almost 25% of the total time the average person spends online is spent on social media networks. It is these types of numbers that should compel small business professionals, including dentists, to embrace the immense power of social media in order to upgrade their marketing campaign.

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What Are The Benefits For Dentists?

An independent dentist has a clear advantage just like other smaller businesses when they shift their strategies for marketing towards social media. Online studies conducted on over 1100 businesses and over 400 customers to understand what factors are driving these small businesses. The study revealed several facts.

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The first thing that was revealed was that social media helps with image brand and promotion. The second key reason that was revealed was social media allows personal connectivity with many potential clients, and social media allows these businesses to be visible to more people at one time.

For the dentists who still do not know the effect social media can have on their business must first understand that it is not only a tool for relationship building, it is also an excellent business tool.

Online Reputation

On one hand, being present on social media can help an independent dental practice skyrocket to number one in the search results, and on the other hand, it can help a dentist maintain a positive online reputation. However, keep in mind that it can be extremely difficult to control or manage a personal online reputation online since there are not any outward costs associated with using the Internet.

Dentists can partner with social networking experts or agencies with experience in social media promotion. This type of partnership can help create and manage successful social networking campaigns.

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Getting ranked well in the search engines is one of the best ways for a dentist to connect with new patients. Here are the top three reasons why your dentist need SEO expert:

1. It is Affordable.

Compared to other advertising methods, search engine optimization is quite affordable. Although it does require a relatively large outlay of cash in the beginning stages, once a website is optimized, it can continue to perform well in the search engines for many years to come. The ongoing maintenance expenses are relatively small when compared to the cost of other advertising techniques.

2. It is Effective.

Not only do the top results that show up in the search engines usually get the most traffic but they also usually have the highest conversion rates. People are naturally more trusting of websites that they find through the search engines than they are of those that they find through banner ads or other paid advertisements. By helping a website achieve a higher ranking in the search engines, SEO can result in more traffic. Perhaps more importantly, it can increase the likelihood of converting those visitors into patients.

3. It Caters To a Mobile Audience.

Recent data shows that smartphones and mobile devices have surpassed desktop and laptop computers in terms of the number of people using them to get online. Most people use their phones or other mobile devices to search for local businesses. This includes searching for a dental SEO. Search engine optimization makes it possible to connect with a mobile audience, increasing the chances of finding new patients.

These are three of the most compelling reasons why any dentist should be using Scott Keever Seo РSeo for dentist.  Optimizing their website can allow them to obtain a higher position in the search engine listings. This, in turn, can help them connect with a much larger group of people, increasing their business as a result.