Can A Low Cost FPGA Be As Good As An Expensive One?

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Finding cheap electronic components is a must, particularly when you are on a shoestring budget, but you need your system to comply with specific standards of speed and quality. However, you need to be aware that using low cost parts can have a negative impact on the overall efficiency of your system. This us why you have to assess each and every part, and then draw the right conclusions.

Choose Least Expensive Board

For instance, you’ll have to determine whether a low cost FPGA can be as good as an expensive one, as this would enable you to lower your overall costs with building the system. The answer is that the effectiveness of an inexpensive board can do quite well in certain conditions. This depends on the particular features of your system and on your specific requirements. In order to find out whether you can safely go for the low cost solution, you have to do a side-by-side comparison of the two boards, and assess each and every parameter and its influence on the results. This is a work that requires a good attention to detail and a lot of patience. However, once you manage to put all thus information in your table, you’ll be able to have a clear picture of the evolution of your project in each of the two scenarios, the budget one and the expensive one. If your conclusion is that the compromise would be too big, you may want to avoid buying the low cost FPGA you’ve found so attractive in the beginning. If, on the contrary, your evaluation shows only a minor influence on the behavior of your system, you can safely go ahead and choose the least expensive board, as it is going to do a great job in the big scheme of things.


As you can see, there’s not straight answer to the question whether an inexpensive FPGA can be a good alternative to pricey ones. You can find the answer by yourself, but only after you evaluate the influence of this part in the effectiveness of your system. This is what an expert IT technician would do. This is also why some of them manage to build solid, yet fairly inexpensive systems that suit all their requirements. Knowing when and where to compromise is an art. It is the things that separates real experts from the crowd. For details visit here at | fpga board