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Are you in the market for a new home? Or, perhaps you are considering selling your current home. Either way, it is helpful to know how to calculate the square footage of a house. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI)sets the standards for measuring and calculating square footage for residential buildings. While it is voluntary to comply with these ANSI standards, the National Association of Home Builders recommends using this method. Following the ANSI standards when measuring square footage supports the validity of the result. Follow these steps to calculate a home’s square footage.

Steps to Calculate Home’s Square Footage

1. Measure the width and length of the home’s exterior walls. If the house isn’t rectangular, then measure the width and length of each section.

2. Only the areas of the home that are inhabitable should be included in the calculations. The home’s inhabitable areas include ceiling, walls, and floors. The areas must also be heated and finished. If not heated, there must be some type of climate control. Spaces such as porches, patios, and garages are not included. If the home includes a vaulted or open area, the open area is not included in the square footage of the second story, one can also look for professional roofing contractor .

3. If it is impractical or unsafe to measure the home’s exterior, interior measurements may be substituted. One good example is a second-story overhang. It may not be safe or feasible to measure this exterior area. When using interior measurements, be sure to factor in the thickness of the exterior walls.

4. All measurements should be rounded off to within 5 linear foot. The length is multiplied by the wide so determine each section’s square footage. Add each of these figures to find the house’s total square footage. The total is rounded off to the nearest square foot.

Calculating a home’s total square footage is a handy skill. Use it when you are looking for a new home or considering selling yours to get an accurate assessment of the size of the house. Consult professionals or visit leading roof calculating website that help to provide you accurate results at once.