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When you have upper back pain, it is likely the result of straining muscles that are not just in your back but also your shoulder. You may have also sustained a neck injury. Your chiropractor or physical therapist will be able to start helping you with the process of recovery, but during this time you are going to feel pain. In order to cover the pain that you are going to feel, they are going to recommend muscle relaxants, and other drugs that may be helpful at reducing the pain that you are experiencing. While you are going through physical therapy, you may also want to use a couple other solutions that can help reduce your pain.

Pain Patches

Acupuncture Can Help With Pain Management

This has become very popular in the last decade. More people than ever before are using this Eastern tradition for controlling the pain that you feel. They will use needles that will be inserted into the skin, and by affecting certain Meridian points, they are able to bypass the pain that your brain is actually telling you to feel. This can be very helpful if you have a competent acupuncturist that can do this the right way.

Pain Patches That You Can Get At The Store

One final solution is to use StaminaPro pain patches which will have lidocaine. You will place these pain control patches over the areas where you are feeling the pain the most. The lidocaine will actually block nerve signals that are sent from that part of the body to the brain. When these are blocked, the pain that you should be experiencing will not be felt. In combination with the medications that your doctor will prescribe, the physical therapy, and the acupuncture, you should have no problem at all getting through the treatment sessions with a minimal amount of pain until you are fully recovered.